Studies indicate that the eastern part of Ghana has a record number of AIDS patients. About 65% of AIDS cases in Ghana are in this region, mainly among the Adas and Krobos people. According to local myth, these tribes have been cursed. They are noted for prostitution. In neighboring countries these tribes engage in the sex trade. Many of the young women return to Ghana after getting pregnant – the majority of these with disease which in turn shortens their lives. Many children are born out of this tragic situation – children who are eventually orphaned or abandoned, children without fathers or families, children who raise themselves and at a young age learn to fend for their lives by whatever means. Thus this horrific cycle continues.
AIDS has been identified as the worst killer in Ghana, but that is changing as diabetes cases continue to rise. In 2004 it claimed 6% of the population, as compared to 3% with AIDS. Diabetes is a silent killer that is killing many young adults. Due to the high illiteracy rate, the majority of people still believe diabetes is a sort of superstition. Perhaps worse, there are a lack of adequate facilities for people with diabetes to monitor their blood sugar levels. Ike Ansah’s mother – Eliabeth Brainoo, would leave her home at 4am to get to a clinic by 7:30 and have her blood tested. Even then, she was turned away on many occasions. Diabetes ultimately claimed Eliabeth Brainoo’s life in 2001. Unfortunately, this is an all too common story in Ghana.
Tsima is about compassion. Our focus at this time is twofold:

  1. To gather the funds we need to begin development of clinics. Tsima Ministries will open simple diabetes clinics to provide information to educate local people, and provide blood sugar testing. This would help to curb the early death rate and physical disabilities which develop as a result of diabetes. In the past our goal was to create awareness among the populace and the impact was little until we shifted to partner with some Churches that were already providing service almost similar to ours. But establishing a clinic solely for diabetics will be one of a kind and our impact will be great.
  2. We will also begin building and staffing an orphan home to help to the Adas and Krobos people. We also have plans for more homes in the northern part of the country where the Muslim religion is prevalent. These parts of the country are in abject poverty. Since we could not change the program of an existing orphanage homes we support, we see it as fitting to establish a life center for the orphans we will raise so that they may intend give back to the society. This means there will be schools and churches wherever we will develop.

We would be pleased to partner with anyone or groups who see this vision as achievable and by which if we fail to work hard to enhance the resources available may one day become a burden which the world cannot afford this time for another Al Qaida to rise, We appeal to assist us in reaching these goals!

“because you did it unto one of the least of these my brothers, you did it unto me”  Matt.25:40

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